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5 Jul , 2021

Ontario Rabies Update June 30 - 1 New Case

One new case of rabies detected in a skunk (Niagara) this week (June 30, 2021).

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29 Jun , 2021

OAHN Veterinary Surveys Available (Companion Animal, Equine, Swine)

If you are an Ontario veterinarian practicing on companion animals, equine, or swine, we’d love to hear what you’re seeing in practice.

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21 Jun , 2021

Ontario Rabies Update June 16 - 1 New Case

One new case of rabies detected in a skunk (Niagara) this week.

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Please see our latest Swine quarterly reports below, as well as supporting resources.

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Disease Resources

Roundworms in Swine Infographic

An infographic explaining the signs, impacts and zoological potential of roundworms in swine.

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Animal Health Resources

Barn Fire Prevention and Preparedness Tips

Download tips on Reducing the Risk of Fire on Your Farm (by OMAFRA), and Regular Facility Maintenance PDFs.

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Provincial Premises Registry

Premises Identification Numbers: how to register, and what you should know. It's fast, easy, and every agri-business in Ontario can have one.

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Continuing Education Links and Resources for Swine Vets

This list of links provides a great starting point for swine vets and producers.

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Industry Resources

Entry Point Signage for Poultry and Swine Barns

English and French printable signs to help stop the spread of influenza between people and animals.

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Swine Health Bulletin - Seneca Valley Virus

swine health bulletin on Seneca virus A from the Canadian Pork Council.

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