Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are the Members of the OAHN Expert Networks?

OAHN networks consist of veterinarians and species specialists from Ontario’s provincial government, universities, producer groups, industry organizations, diagnostic laboratories, and from clinical veterinary practice. Team members for each network are listed at the bottom of each network’s page. Click on Species Networks tab (top right) to find your species network of interest.

I'm a veterinarian in Ontario, how can I share my clinical observations and contribute disease surveillance information to the networks?

We would love to have as many practicing Ontario veterinarians as possible participate in the process of disease surveillance. OAHN will send emails out to veterinarians to announce when our disease surveillance surveys are released, along with links to the surveys. These emails are generally sent by OAHN species network co-leads to veterinary organization listservs (i.e. OAEP, OASV, OAPV, SRVO, OABP), and to the OVMA to be shared in their publications. If you practice on companion animals, or if you are not a part of a veterinary organization listserv, please email OAHN at to be added to our contact list.

How often do networks meet?

In most networks, disease surveillance surveys or questions are distributed quarterly to veterinarians. These surveys are disseminated using the veterinary organization’s listserv and emailed to veterinarians. Survey results are collated, and the final, anonymous data, is distributed to the OAHN species network, along with data from the diagnostic laboratories, and in some cases, provincial slaughter condemnation data. Network members (from Ontario’s provincial government, universities, producer groups, industry organizations, diagnostic laboratories, and from clinical veterinary practice) hold a conference call to discuss data and determine trends and issues of concern; ultimately focusing on actions needed to improve animal health. These quarterly calls and clinical observation surveys provide a proactive approach to animal health and disease, meaning that there is constant surveillance of health issues. The networks also serve as a dedicated team of experts, prepared to deal with disease outbreaks or animal health issues. Some species have limited number of veterinarians practicing (e.g., fish, mink), or do not have practicing veterinarians (e.g., bees). In these networks, a customized approach is taken, such as a round table discussion of disease from multiple sources or a case rounds, where interesting, anonymized cases are discussed.

Are farm or producer names discussed on the calls?

No. All data submitted is anonymous, and review of the data is limited to the species network only. All network members and participants on any species network call sign confidentiality agreements to ensure security and privacy of information.

Where does OAHN get its funding?

OAHN is currently funded under the 2018-2023 Ontario Agri-Food Innovation Alliance.

How do I change my password?

If you have access to the password protected area (for veterinarians) and wish to change your password, log out, and then return to the log in page. You’ll notice a link at the bottom of the page that says “forgot password/change password”. Click here and follow the link. Voila!