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13 Jun , 2022

Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT) Biosecurity Advisory for West Elgin

The Feather Board Command Centre (FBCC) is issuing a Biosecurity Advisory for a 10 km area in West Elgin in southwest Ontario.

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28 Mar , 2022

Ontario Avian Influenza Disease Update - March 27, 2022

On March 27,2022, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) reported highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), subtype H5N1, in a poultry flock located in southern Ontario.

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Please see our latest Poultry quarterly reports below, as well as supporting resources.

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Disease Resources

Infographic: Avian Influenza Information for Backyard Flock Owners

An infographic outlining the causes and signs of AI, as well as how to practice proper biosecurity.

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OAHN Poultry Network Project: Small Flock Poultry Veterinary Video Lecture Series with Dr. Victoria Bowes

The OAHN Poultry Network collaborated with Dr. Victoria Bowes on creating a video lecture series covering health and diseases of small flock poultry.

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Special Report and Paper on Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV)

Links to the OAHN Special Report on IBV, and an abstract on characterization of nephropathogenic IBV.

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Animal Health Resources

Annual OAHN Public Health Reports

Created especially for public health professionals in Ontario, highlighting pertinent topics the OAHN companion animal network's reports.

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Provincial Premises Registry

Premises Identification Numbers: how to register, and what you should know. It's fast, easy, and every agri-business in Ontario can have one.

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Special Advisory from Canadian Hatching Egg Producers - Avian Influenza: How ready are you?

Learn about the risks of avian influenza, how to practice proper biosecurity, surveillance, and resources.

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