Varroa Mite Awareness and Resources

2018 Varroa Mite Awareness Findings

Thank you to all of the Ontario beekeepers that took part in our awareness week and filled in our survey. We received a large amount of responses, and we’ve now mapped them using Google Maps. Please note that all markers on the map represent counties/municipalities/townships and in no way represent a specific address of yard.

What is the Varroa Mite Awareness Campaign?

The goal of the Varroa Mite Awareness Campaign is to increase knowledge of varroa mite testing and treatment in Ontario, and to gain information from all parts of the beekeeping sector (hobbyist and commercial) about varroa levels.  The OAHN bee network’s goal is to provide high quality information that beekeepers can use to make the best possible treatment decisions based on real data.


Varroa Monitoring Method Videos with Paul Kelly