OAHN Equine Project: Equine Network Webinar Series

Project Lead: Dr. Alison Moore

Collaborators: Dr. Memo Arroyo, Dr. Jessica Peatling

To view the five webinars, please click here: https://www.oahn.ca/resources/oahn-equine-webinars-2022/

Executive Summary

During 2022, the OAHN Equine Network produced five webinars for equine veterinarians. The topics for these webinars were obtained from the OAHN clinical impression surveys completed quarterly by equine veterinarians in 2022.   The following are summaries of the webinars: OAHN Equine Webinars 2022 – Ontario Animal Health Network:

  1. Sustainable Parasite Control for Horses (May 26, 2022)
    Andrew Peregrine BVMS, PhD, DVM, DipEVPC, DipACVM
    Associate Professor, Clinical Parasitology
    Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph.

    In this webinar Dr. Peregrine reviews the small strongyle (cyathostomin) impact on horse health, as well as describes overall management and control strategies including emerging resistance patterns to dewormers.


  1. Borrelia Burgdorferi Infection in the Horse: What do we actually know? (June 28, 2022)
    Tom Divers, DVM, DACVIM (LA), DACVECC
    Steffen Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University.

    In this webinar, Dr. Divers presents; the pathogenesis of B. burgdorferi infection in the horse, prevalence of infection, diagnostics utilized by veterinarians including the controversies surrounding them, the clinical signs of equine Lyme disease (proven and suspect), interpretation of diagnostic testing, case selection for treatment, medication selection, vaccination research and other Borrelia sp pathogens carried by Ixodes ticks.


  1. Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID) in the horse (August 30, 2022)
    Kristen Thane DVM, DACVIM (LA)
    Research Associate
    Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

    In this webinar, Dr. Thane provides an overview of the pathophysiology and clinical signs of PPID, explains the diagnostic tests utilized to diagnose and monitor PPID and discusses pharmacologic and management strategies for horses with PPID.


  1. Vitamin E and Selenium in the Horse (October 27, 2022)
    Shannon Pratt-Phillips MSc, PhD
    Professor, Equine Nutrition
    Department of Animal Science
    North Carolina State University

    In this webinar, Dr. Pratt-Phillips reviews the role of vitamin E and selenium in the body, briefly discusses diseases associated with alterations in vitamin E and selenium status and then focuses on the evaluation and requirements for dietary vitamin E and selenium.

  1. Equine Asthma (December 1, 2022)
    Laurent Couetil DVM, PhD, ACVIM (LA)
    Professor, Large animal Medicine
    Director, Equine Research Program
    Purdue University College Veterinary Medicine

    In this webinar, Dr. Couteil reviews the definitions of equine asthma, discusses the causes for all forms of equine asthma and provides information on the pharmacologic and environmental management of equine asthma.