General Small Flock Resources

**Click to access: A List of veterinary clinics in Ontario that treat small flock poultry species**

OAHN small flock poultry online veterinary course:  (FREE) Veterinarians may access this free course and associated resources by logging in to (obtaining an account is free and easy). Then click this link to access the recorded lectures from this one day course (this current link is from the 2016 course, 2019 course page will be added after April).

VIN: Veterinary Information Network has case help for small flock poultry veterinarians, including a course, calculator for adding medications to water, euthanasia and more.  Search small flock poultry on VIN’s page for info.

OMAFRA:  OMAFRA resources are located here:


FREE Poultry Biosecurity Kit – Keeping your Birds Healthy, Biosecurity Basics for Backyard Flocks, which can be accessed here.

OAHN Client Communication Handout on Avian Influenza

OAHN Poultry Biosecurity Infographic                   OAHN Avian Influenza Infographic



National Farm Animal Care Council Codes of Practice (helpful as welfare standard references for meat or egg producing small flock poultry):

Ontario Animal Health Network (OAHN) small flock veterinary listserv: (FREE) listserv for veterinarians interested or working on small flock poultry.  Veterinarians can email the group to access help from experienced poultry practitioners, and over 40 other practitioners interested in small flocks. Email to be added to the listserv.

As well, if you are a veterinarian, you can access the veterinary version of these resources here:

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