CWD and Brucellosis Surveillance in Wyoming with Dr. Sam Allen Recording

On Wednesday, April 10, OAHN invited Dr. Sam Allen to present on CWD and brucellosis surveillance in Wyoming cervids, and the challenges and opportunities of CWD management in a highly infected, endemic area. A recording of this presentation is below:



About Dr. Allen

thumbnail_image-1Dr. Allen is the Wyoming State Wildlife Veterinarian, supervising the Wyoming Game & Fish Veterinary Services unit (which includes the Wildlife Health Laboratory and the Tom Thorne/Beth Williams Wildlife Research Facility). She completed her MSc, DVM, and PhD at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. Her research interests have included risk assessments and surveillance for antimicrobial resistance and for ungulate orbiviral diseases in Ontario, as well as field sampling methodology. Sam’s wildlife disease research background is complemented by her experience as a Regional Veterinarian for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Farm and Rural Affairs, as well as the Veterinary Specialist for Chicken Farmers of Ontario. At the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Sam has furthered the mandate of safeguarding the state’s wildlife by providing veterinary support and direction to frontline staff for animal welfare and care during wildlife captures, as well as research direction and wildlife programming during numerous disease outbreaks, such as highly-pathogenic avian influenza, rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus 2, and chronic wasting disease. She supervises the Wyoming section of the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Veterinary Externship, sits as Wyoming’s representative on WAFWA’s Wildlife Health Committee and is presently the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians vice president.