June 2020 FBCC Disease Summary

Ontario -Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT)
June 1 – ILT was diagnosed in a small unregistered chicken flock in the City of Kawartha Lakes. All chickens have either died or were humanely euthanized. Biosecurity Advisory has been lifted.
June 18 – ILT in a registered mixed poultry small flock (FFG) in Guelph-Eramosa Twp. The 10 km radius Biosecurity Advisory Area contains 162 poultry premises including 13 commercial flocks.
June 29 – The Biosecurity Advisories issued during May, due to 4 ILT outbreaks in parts of southern Wellington County, western Halton and northwest City of Hamilton, has now been lifted.Ontario – Pigeon Paramyxovirus virus
A flock of racing pigeons in eastern Ontario experiencing a high mortality disease situation was quarantined by the CFIA. FBCC established a 10 km Biosecurity Advisory Area.  June 12 CFIA identified the virus as a Pigeon Paramyxovirus. Flock will remain under CFIA quarantine for 60 days after clinical signs gone. Poultry flock owners in area are being advised to maintain heightened biosecurity as this virus can cause Newcastle Disease in poultry. https://www.fbcc.ca/file.aspx?id=0bd3d763-ad83-4215-9e52-c2c2513c1cd1California virulent Newcastle Disease (vND) 2018-2020
On June 1, USDA announced that virulent Newcastle Disease has been eradicated in the US.  The regional vND quarantine has now been lifted by California Dept. of Agriculture. Between May 17, 2018 and May 31, 2020, USDA confirmed 476 outbreaks in 6 California counties and 2 adjacent states.Global Avian Influenza Summary
Only 8 cases of highly pathogenic (HPAI) in poultry were reported in June. There have been no reports of new HPAI since June 8.  Some 95 HPAI outbreaks in poultry and non-poultry are ongoing internationally.
So far in 2020 there have been 326 outbreaks of HPAI in 8 European countries. Of these, 273 were in Hungary, 32 in Poland, and 10 in Bulgaria. Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine all reported one or more outbreaks.
Low path AI (LPAI) cases are ongoing in North Carolina, UK, Ireland and Italy.

South Carolina – HPAI H7N3
All environmental testing for avian influenza virus post C & D was negative at the affected premises. It was released from quarantine on 28 May 2020.

North Carolina – LPAI H7N3
Three of 11 affected premises in North Carolina remain quarantined. Cleaning and disinfection activities are in progress.

Italy – LPAI H5N3
June 22, an ostrich farm in Lombardy tested positive for low-pathogenic H5N3. All 132 birds were culled. FBCC’s May Disease Alert referenced 2 commercial turkey flocks destroyed due to low path H7N1.

The U.K. has declared itself free of low path H5N3 avian influenza. The most recent case was December 2019 in a Suffolk, eastern England. U.K. has been free of HPAI since Sept. 2017.

Ireland – LPAI H6N1
This virus strain was identified in 4 more flocks bringing the total to 13 consisting of 11 table egg layer flocks and 2 fattening turkey flocks. Presenting clinical signs included a drop in egg production and reduced feed intake. The H6N1 subtype is not notifiable at the EU level. Voluntary culling has occurred for all flocks. There have been no further LPAI H6N1 outbreaks in Northern Ireland and the total number there remains at 15.

Hungary – HPAI H5N8
In the period June 3-5, Hungary authorities confirmed 3 new secondary outbreaks in Bacs-Kiskun.
Since its first outbreak on March 22, Hungary has lost more than 2.8 million birds in 273 HPAI outbreaks linked to the H5N8 virus.  The great majority of the outbreaks—around 240 of the total—has occurred in Bacs-Kiskun and the remainder in neighboring counties.

Bulgaria – HPAI H5N8
A new outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) was confirmed in a large layer farm. This is Bulgaria’s 10th HPAI outbreak this year; the first since early March. A ban on markets, fairs and exhibitions of birds has been implemented.

India – HPAI H5N1
Delay in OIE reporting due to COVID has made it challenging to track outbreaks in India. Three new outbreaks in poultry (H5N1) and 10 new outbreaks in nonpoultry (H5N1) were reported from March.

Taiwan – HPAI H5N5
High Path H5N5 virus was detected in a flock of around 24,000 native chickens in Yunlin county. Since the first outbreak in September of 2019, this virus has been linked to cases in 32 poultry flocks
The H5N2 outbreak which has been ongoing since 2012 was declared closed after 3 months surveillance.


Summary from the Feather Board Command Centre Email Update