Companion Animal Practitioner Survey

The Ontario Animal Health Network is a new surveillance network involving companion animals. We would like to know what private practitioners are seeing across Ontario with respect to infectious disease, zoonotic diseases and anti-microbial resistance. The surveys will be sent out quarterly, and combined with laboratory data. Your OAHN representatives meet to discuss the data and interpret important information for veterinarians to know about. The survey can be reached at the following link:, and will close on October 13.

In exchange for completing the survey and providing your email, you will receive the companion animal report detailing disease in Ontario. Your email will only be used to send reports and surveys, and pertinent disease alerts for companion animal vets. All survey responses are kept strictly confidential. More information about the program can be found at The site features a password protected area for veterinarians (sign up in one step), podcasts for veterinarians, and useful information (disease maps, how to find your public health district office, etc). Similar information and recent news articles can be found on our Facebook and Twitter feeds (@OntAnHealthNet) so you can stay up to date, and share information easily with your clients.