Report a companion animal infectious disease case to OAHN (veterinarians only)

Please use the form below to provide information to OAHN on any unusual companion animal infectious disease cases you have encountered in Ontario, including rare/imported diseases, unusual clinical presentations, increased frequency or severity of common diseases, and repeated instances of illness of unknown cause.  All submissions will be reviewed by members of the network team to detect any notable disease patterns and occurrences that should be communicated to Ontario veterinarians.

Please refer to the Disease Reporting Contact Information page for information on animal diseases and situations that must be reported directly to the federal or provincial government.

This form is only to be completed by a veterinarian or veterinary clinic staff member under the direction of the attending case veterinarian.  Please include your contact information in case there are further questions that require follow up.  Your identity will be kept confidential other than to OAHN network staff and companion animal co-leads.


    Name of attending veterinarian: *

    Email Address: *

    Disease of concern:

    Disease status suspected or confirmed (including diagnostics performed, if any):

    Number and species of animals affected:

    Date of presentation:

    Location of animal (county or postal code if available):

    Relevant history (including travel) and clinical presentation:

    Any other pertinent details:

    Thank you for contributing to companion animal disease surveillance in Ontario!