OAHN Swine Network Project: Ongoing investigation of an outbreak of Senecavirus A

Ongoing Investigation of an Outbreak of Senecavirus A

Project Lead: Dr. Ryan Tenbergen

Collaborators: Drs. Tim Blackwell, Tim Pasma

Date: March, 2020



This project investigates an outbreak of Senecavirus A (SVA) in two swine herds in Ontario for the purpose of understanding the epidemiology, immunity and elimination of the virus. The objectives of the project were to understand the transmission of SVA in a herd, conduct herd surveillance, and conduct sequencing studies to determine the origin of the virus. The objectives of this study contribute to knowledge on virus epidemiology and development of immunity. Data from this project was analyzed to determine the disappearance of maternal antibodies from weaned piglets, the length of time for viral shedding in weaned pigs, nurseries and finishers, and the sensitivity of pooling methods to determine appropriate and cost-effective testing methods for SVA. Sequencing of the virus was conducted to determine the source of the outbreak.


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